Synthetic Urine

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Great little infograph on synthetic urine uses

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Great little infograph on synthetic urine uses

Review of the Layout:

The layout is very nice and uses the color spectrum to it’s advantage. Creating numerous locations for new colors to pop into vision of the reader makes it so the infographic keeps moving, getting the information out naturally. I would recommend adding some additional spacing to the top by scaling the percentage uses by bubble so that it is more obvious at a glance what synthetic urine is used for! We pass this again towards the bottom with a pie chart, but this is much smaller and less important when quickly scanning the page. Overall I enjoy the color use and holistic layout.

Review of the Content:

A first for our site here at Infographic Reviews, we review something that many people would probably deem ‘gross.’ However, I think that the team here at synthric unrine solutions really hits some great points as to why this product is a necessary one. I often wouldn’t think of using something like synthetic urine as an animal repellent, but it makes perfect sense! Then for people who can’t go through thc detox very quickly, there is always the ‘fake it until you make it solution.’ Great information in the infograph that I’m certain many would love to see.

Final Verdict:

I’m going to give this one a 4.8 out of 5 stars. It’s got some awesome, often unknown information and some super color usage that really makes the infograph an easy read.