The Anatomy of Work Boots

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Review on the layout:

Layout for infographics on this scale are always difficult to get right. Here we see an introduction, information about the boots and how they’re categorized, and an ending to stress to the user factors they should consider when purchasing a pair. While perhaps a bit too text-heavy for top-marks, I do appreciate the level of detail that went into creating this graphic. With a satisfying section-based layout a reader is able to just read whatever part that catches their attention and move on.

Review on the content:

Don’t get me wrong–I know that boots for industrial settings need to be extremely resilient to satisfy the job site–but the level of detail this infographic has taught me about a topic that I knew minimal information about previously is impressive. The layering of a boot and the entire system of standardized icons to quickly reflect the different levels that boots can come in is both intriguing and short enough to maintain my attention. The graphic teaches more than one may ever care to know if the topic is irrelevant to them, but it does it well. Trivia night anyone?


Whether you’re looking to upgrade an old pair of boots or you are just in the market for a pair of really sturdy boots for doing yard work in, you can never go wrong with a pair of work boots. Checkout the link below for the full infographic and head over to twitter to join in on the conversation about your favorite work boots.


Score: 4/5