The New Serial Killer, Work!

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Are you workaholic?

If you are, you better start looking at the infograph below. I’m sure that after doing so, you will file a vacation leave.



Work isn’t everything. If you spend most of your time working, I believe that you are increasing the risk of being unhealthy. This goes especially for desk workers. Sitting for more than 8 hours is never healthy.

What I like about the infograph above is that it doesn’t just illustrate the bad things about working too hard. You’ll also get tips on how you can avoid those. Admit it, being in the office can be very stressful. And at times, you would like to quit if not only for your monthly expenses.

I would recommend this infograph for employees and employers as well. It’s about time that employers provide a balanced work place for their employees. You can put a lounge and you can stop nagging one for taking a quick nap. Cascade this infograph and make the corporate world more pleasing.