The ROI of Upgrading Your Garage Door in 2020

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Review on the layout:

The simplicity and clear attention-grabbing color usage makes the layout of this infographic stunning. Utilizing the thirds rule in design adds an extra layer of complexity most graphics try to emulate but fall flat. Here each of the main sections the designer wants the reader drawn to is laid exactly around one of those third lines and at the half mark of the graphic. Wonderful usage of design principles to ensure an effective and efficient passage of information!

Review on the content:

When considering upgrades to the home before resale the first things that come to mind are the kitchen and yard renovations. I never would have considered that a new garage door would be my second largest return on investment when compared to the amount that other upgrades can guarantee. Immediately getting up to a 4% increase in home value for just replacing your garage door seems incredible and the next time I’m looking to head for the market, this will definitely be a top consideration. Very informative on a top many have interest in.


As we near peak home sale season (summer) a new garage door could be a great investment for families to make to push themselves over the invisible threshold compared to other homes in their area. The layout of the infographic is great and designed with the reader in mind while the content hits a topic many are interested in having more knowledge.

What are the top renovations on your list before putting a home on the marker? Checkout the full infographic here and join the discussion.

Score: 4.5/5