What is an eSIM? How do I use it?

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Review on the layout:

This infographic is is minimalist and I love it. The purpose behind a good infographic is to convey information quickly with as little effort as possible on the reader. With a minimalist layout there are few flashy colors or distracting elements to pull the readers eyes away from the important pieces of content that is to be conveyed. I love the icons that really represent each section as well!

Review on the content:

Honestly, I like to pretend that I am up to date on all the technology trends out there. However, I have never once heard of a SIM card built into my phone/tablet/smart watch. It makes perfect sense. Sometimes you have a need for a second cheaper plan if you intend to go overseas, or perhaps you want more available reception so you add a second carrier. Whatever the reason this infographic has taught me everything I need to know about these ESIM cards and its wonderful to hear that they’ll be virtually standard as of this calendar year.


ESIMs are the perfect balance between necessity and luxury. Do people need two SIM cards? Likely not. However, the option to have a second provider is too good to pass up for people who aren’t always covered by their initial plan (or are price gouged). I love the information laid out within the graphic and the style is perfect to convey the information cleanly without any distractions. Definitely check out the original for additional detailed information!

Source: https://www.esim.net/helpdesk/what-is-an-esim-and-how-does-it-work-infographic/

Score: 5/5

What is an eSIM? How do I use it?