Why Travel Accident Insurance is a Must

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There is no doubt that business travels are a must for a company to grow. That’s the time your employees can mingle with different people in the field. Of course, I can’t blame you if you want to get the cheapest seats in a flight. But just so you know, it is essential that you allot money for travel accident insurance.

You aren’t convinced, are you?

Well, the infograph below might just give you an idea why you have to get one for your employees.


Dangers of International Business Travel Infographic


According to statistics, a lot of deaths are related to accidents while travelling. Obviously, we don’t want that to happen. But come to think of it, you can’t really tell when it’s going to happen. As an employer, you have the responsibility to take care of your workers most especially during working hours or business travels. Just so you can have a sound sleep, get an insurance. At least with that, every bad thing ‘knock on wood’, is covered.