Would You Replace Traditional News Sources?

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It is very important that you update yourself. This doesn’t only mean that you have to check your friends’ status on twitter and facebook. You have to be aware of the news may it be business, politics or show business. Nothing beats being knowledgeable about your surroundings. With the emergence of social media, spreading news (and even rumors) can be very easy.

You might say that it is not really practical to buy news papers or watch the television. After all, people can just post the news and you are all set.

To be honest, I had that thinking too. But after seeing this infograph, I changed my mind.


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I would say that social media or the new media help us to be aware of the surroundings. But as a person, you should validate all the facts. Hence, you still need to read the ‘real’ sources. If you can get a newspaper, that would be nice. If you can subscribe in an online newspaper, that’s acceptable too.

What I don’t like you to do is to spread a 150 word ‘news’ over twitter. Remember, different people have different views. We all have our different opinions and interpretations. Stick with the facts.